Javier Sauras



Javier Sauras is a nomadic journalist and photographer who has been wandering from Asia to Latin America during the last five years. He has written about Japan, the Philippines, Spain, China, the U.K. and Bolivia. His work has appeared on BBC, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Vice, El País, Narratively, The Blizzard and many other publications.

He is still on the road.

Funded projects

Coding Like A Girl

The developing world is hastily closing the gender gap in the IT workforce. How are they doing it?

Bolivia’s Everyday Water War

Bolivia's Everyday Water War is an interactive journey into the struggle of Bolivia's population against privatisations, state avoidance and climate change to fulfill to the most basic human need: water.

Mothers and Children First

An immersive conceptual map (text, pictures, video and graphics) addresses the ups and downs of the Bolivian intercultural healthcare system and its ability to tackle the maternal mortality rate.