Jacopo Ottaviani



Jacopo Ottaviani is experienced in data journalism, digital cartography and cross border media management. He builds narratives and visualisations around data and his works have been published on international media such as The Guardian, Al Jazeera International and Foreign Policy. He worked on The Migrants Files, a cross-border data project that uncovered exclusive information on the plight of migrants trying to reach Europe. The project was awarded with the Data Journalism Award 2014 and the European Media Prize in 2015. In 2014–15 he coordinated Generation E, a crowdsourced and data-driven project on south-european migration, published by 8+ international media.

Funded projects

Investigation of Land Grabbing in Africa

This data-driven project deals with land grabbing in Africa from two perspectives: top-down, by data analysis of the overall issue of large-scale​ land acquisitions; and bottom-up, by collecting stories and evidence from main actors.

The Dark Side of the Italian Tomato

Following and documenting the entire production chain from Italy to West Africa reveals how the arrival of Italian tomatoes in Ghana through the liberalisation of the market has broken a local industry.

E-waste Republic

On the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, sits Agbogbloshie, a relevant dump of electronic waste in Africa. This data-driven project shows how a social enterprise is converting such e-waste into valuable products.

Fish for Cheap

The ocean off West Africa is a fertile ground for both European fleets and illegal trawlers. This project follows the entire fishing chain – from those affected locally to those consuming the catch in Europe.

Lungs of the Earth

Lungs of the Earth is a data-driven, immersive and constructive story on forests, deforestation and reforestation around the world.