Iván Ruiz



Iván Ruiz is a journalist specialised in investigative and data journalism, with ten years of experience. The past five years, he has been working for the Argentinian newspaper La Nación. He is convinced that journalism must challenge those in power and those who are operating in the shadow. He won the Data Journalism Award in 2013.

Funded projects

The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America

The six-month data-driven and cross-border enquiry "The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America" analyses the biggest cooperation programme in Spain, which was created in 2007 to improve water supply in 19 Latin American countries.

Can Quinoa Feed the World?

This story asks how quinoa, a seed cultivated for thousands years in the andean region, started to conquer the world 10 years ago and how this impacts andean growers and world security.