Ines Della Valle



I am an Italian freelance multimedia journalist with a focus and drive to cover humanitarian and social issues.

I believe that it is important to approach the object of our research with an independent mind set. I aim to highlight bold realities and human experiences through an empathetic and spiritual attitude.

Beauty can be found in each glimpse of light. That glimpse is what makes us love the stories we tell, the world around us and our fellow human beings.

What may be considered as a place of little aesthetic or classical beauty often has the potential to create the most attractive realities of human presence.

Each aspect of a specific reality can become a wider story. Even seemingly insignificant features can reveal great truths - therefore my flexibility and working direction tends to be free flowing.

Initially I began my career as a photo journalist and writer. After several years experience I integrated my skills and working direction with video journalism. Combining the two has led me to enjoy both the lithe and spontaneous nature of different medias and ways of expression.

I am now a TV correspondent and I have experience in producing, shooting and voicing tv packages for news and reportage, as well as long feature documentaries.

My work has been published on international magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Rolling Stone Magazine, Marie Claire, l’Unità and many more.

Funded project

Shaping a new narrative

This project examines how women are challenging the discriminatory practices enclosed within the artisanal mining sector, by self-organizing and, ultimately, by assuming leading positions within their communities.