Hans Moleman

the Netherlands


Hans Moleman is a writer focusing on topics related to Africa, Europe and China, ranging from book writing to special reporting. Before the Made in Africa project he wrote De Rode Miljardair (The Red Billionaire), the first European book about the rise of internet entrepreneur Jack Ma, his Alibaba Group and the special world of the Chinese internet.

He worked and lived in China (Shanghai) and Africa (Johannesburg, Capetown) from 1997 -2013, where he was a foreign correspondent for De Volkskrant (Amsterdam) and De Morgen (Brussels). He also worked at the economic and general reporting desks of Volkskrant and Dutch newsagency ANP. During the civil war in ex-Yougoslavia he reported from Sarajevo.

Originally from Hilversum, The Netherlands, Hans now lives in Maastricht with wife and collaegue Petra Quaedvlieg, daughter Maxine and Xiaohe.

Funded project

Made in Afrika

Made in Afrika: on-the-ground reporting on industrial development in Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Where do the investments land, what kind of jobs do they produce, what makes new industrial development succeed or fail?