Meet the people involved

Meet the people involved - Meet our great journalism community of grantees and their teams

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  • Flavie Halais is a freelance journalist based in Montreal. She writes about social issues, cities, international development and much more.
  • Eléonore (Leo) Hamelin is a video journalist based in New York. With a team of creatives and journalists at Blue Chalk Media, she has produced series of online short-documentaries for The New York Times, Bloomberg, and award-winning non-fiction content for NGOs such as Freedom House and Carnegie...
  • Kiana grew up in Tehran, Iran and migrated to Toronto as a teenager. Photography provided a way to bridge the challenging gap in language and culture as she adapted to her new environment. Midway through university, she packed her life in a backpack and started a nomadic search for a place that...
  • Hazel Healy is a co-editor at New Internationalist magazine. She writes about migration, feminism, digital rights, and much else besides.
  • Ludo is specialized in translating complex issues into thought provoking concepts and stories alike. He worked for print, online and TV in complex countries like Iran, Irak and Afghanistan. He has a good sense for the emerging opportunities of new technology and a strong drive for constructive...
  • Sophie Hemery is a freelance journalist, based in London. She has written for outlets including The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Vice, Buzzfeed and openDemocracy, and has worked internationally - primarily in Spain and Pakistan. 
  • Carlos Heras is a Spanish freelance journalist currently based in La Paz, Bolivia. He graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication in October 2015 and he started working for EFE Spanish news agency in La Paz. He is now focused on gender and enviromental issues.  
  • Carlos Hernández is a software engineer and product designer; an internet guy and a traveler. He worked on the development and technical side of the X-ray of the Spanish Development Aid project.
  • Carlos Hernanz is a journalist and the assistant of the editor-in-chief at El Confidencial. For the X-ray of the Spanish Development Aid he wrote a series of articles.
  • Maja Hitij, is a freelance photojournalist born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, currently based between Berlin and West Germany and works for news agencies, magazines and newspapers, like the German Media Agency DPA, AP and Getty. Her work was published in International Herald Tribune, The New York Times,...
  • Kerstin Hoppenhaus is freelance filmmaker and science journalist. She has a master's degree in biology from Tübingen University and one in Science Communication from Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg.Kerstin has developed and realised documentary series and crossmedia projects since 2001 and now works...