Giada Connestari



Giada Connestari is a photojournalist, born in Italy in 1981. She graduated from the University of Bologna in 2005. Moved to Paris to begin her career in photography. She had worked as a photo-editor at Corbis for two years before starting her career as a photographer. She now focuses mainly on environmental and social issues. Giada often collaborates with NGOs and has published in national and international magazines. In 2015, she won an award of excellence at the POY (Picture of the Year International, from the Missouri School of Journalism) and she was selected among the best 24 portfolio from the Manuel-Rivera Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography, for her work about native people in Paraguay, titled “Towards the city of the Whites”.

Funded project


Food4 aims to produce seven stories, a geographic atlas in Italian and English and 2 exhibitions to explore the topic of Food Security and related development projects, in the year of the EXPO2015.