Gemma Parellada

Ivory Coast


Africa correspondent. Gemma is the longest-serving Spanish foreign correspondent in Africa, having spent a decade covering the continent for national and international media. She does long missions & slow traveling.

She's been covering the more remarkable and historic events and wars over the last ten years (Mandela's funeral, South Sudan Independence, the first elections in Congo), but she reports also on forgotten areas and conflicts when media focus go home. She investigates big transnational stories and natural resources feeding conflict.

Winner of the Joan Gomis Journalism Award 2013 for "Congo: la guerra sin fin".

Specialised in Congo and the Great Lakes conflict—the deadliest in the world. She has covered also the wars in Somalia, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast—where she lives—or Mali, as well as the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the economy break down in Zimbabwe, post-revolution in Burkina or drought in the Horn of Africa.

She lived in South Africa for seven years and now she is based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, even though she is a real nomad.

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Unequal access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is one of the major signs of gender inequality around the world. However, even in discrimination conditions, women have led change.