Gabriela Sánchez



She's a spanish journalist specialized in global development, human rights, and migrations. She's responsible for the section of Human Rights of the spanish digital media since may 2013. During this time, she has coordinated and published reports and special multimedia about the MDGs and SDGs, refugees crisis, the abuses of multinationals in developing countries, etc. She coordinated the multimedia project "Las muertes de Ceuta" (The deaths of Ceuta) , based of the investigation about the death of 15 migrants at the border between Spain and Morocco. She took part as a reporter in the field formultimedia project 'Sudán del Sur: No saben que estoy viva' (South Sudan: They don't know I'm alive), about the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, in collaboration with the NGO Oxfam.

Funded project

The Enslaved Land

“The Plantation That Consumes Europe” is a data driven and cross-border investigation that explores the hidden sides of the Latin American and African plantations' agricultural model that feeds western countries.