Frank Mulder

the Netherlands


Frank Mulder (1978) is researcher, writer and journalist. He is curious about long term developments in the field of economy, technology, religion and international relations. His motto is "think global, act local", borrowed from one of his sources of inspiration, Jacques Ellul. He is always interested in the back side of the news, in search for hope for a world in crisis. He works for De Groene Amsterdammer (weekly), Trouw (daily newspaper), Inter Press Service (news agency), Kijk (popular science magazine), and many more. For his articles, see

Frank is the author of three books. In the first two he researched the topic of economic growth and the economic crisis. His latest book, published in 2015, De geluksmachine (The Happiness Machine), describes the emergence of a "hyperreality", a technical reality which is meant to be an improved version of reality, where everything is smooth and fine. But it is directed by structures that can't be managed anymore. More and more we are managed by them. How can we escape?

Frank obtained a Master in History of International Relations at Utrecht University (2002) and a Propedeuse Physics & Astronomy at Utrecht University (1997).

Next to his journalistic work, Frank is actively involved in his community, in a poor neighbourhood in Utrecht. He is leader and participant in several local and church initiatives.

Funded project

Investment Arbitration and Development

This project sheds light on the intransparent world of investment protection, by displaying all known investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) cases in a map and showing what some of these cases mean for developing countries.