Eva Schram

the Netherlands


Eva Schram is an investigative reporter with the Dutch magazine OneWorld. The magazine covers global issues like migration, sustainability, aid and trade. Schram specialises in trade, financing for development and transparency issues. She is an avid user of Freedom of Information laws to bring shady dealings of states into the open. She is also passionate about using data as a source for information, though she is still learning the basics of data driven journalism. Earlier projects of hers included De Eritrearoute, in which she and a colleague detail the route Eritrean migrants take to reach Europe. From Milan to Paris, they travelled with a group of Eritrean migrants. She has also written about oil pollution in the Niger Delta and the involvement of Dutch companies and the Dutch state in the new Suez Canal in Egypt.

Funded project

Investment Arbitration and Development

This project sheds light on the intransparent world of investment protection, by displaying all known investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) cases in a map and showing what some of these cases mean for developing countries.