Eva Domínguez



Eva Domínguez is a senior digital communication consultant and multimedia journalist with extensive digital project management and client skills.

She has worked as a journalist for different media in Spain such Diari de Barcelona, La Vanguardia and El Periódico de Catalunya, as a digital project manager for corporate clients, such as AECI, Generalitat de Catalunya and Caja Navarra, and as a consultant for companies such Prisacom, Santillana, Círculo de Lectores or Oberta Publishing.

Domínguez holds a Master Degree from New York University (Interactive Telecommunications Program) and a PhD in Communication from Universitat Ramon Llull. She is a researcher on the influence of videogames and VR in Journalism. She has written the first PhD thesis on Immersive Journalism.

Funded project

Beyond the Paradise

Beyond the Paradise is a newsgame that explains the effects of mass tourism in three tropical paradises (Thailand, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic)