Eleonora Vio



Eleonora Vio is a freelance journalist currently based in Milan, Italy. She writes about Islamic radicalism and right-wing extremism, as well as gender-based, social and migration issues. After holding a Master's Degree in International Journalism from the University of Westminster (London, UK), she was awarded a scholarship to study Arabic from Qatar University (Doha, Qatar) and from there she continued studying Arabic further. Eleonora has been reporting from the broad Middle East and North Africa (e.g. Palestinian Territories and Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq) for over five years and, in between, she led a year-long project on right-wing extremism across Central and Eastern Europe and has recently covered the Rohingya humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh. Eleonora's stories have appeared on leading Italian news media outlets (e.g. Il Venerdì di Repubblica, D di Repubblica, Panorama, Internazionale, Wired, VICE News), as well as on renowned foreign media (e.g. Geographical UK, Sept.info, WOZ Wochenzeitung, VICE News, World Politics Review, Middle East Eye, IBTimes UK). In 2015 she co-founded Nawart Press association and media platform and in 2016 she co-authored her first documentary movie, named "Far Right, A new frightening normal".

Funded project

Shaping a new narrative

This project examines how women are challenging the discriminatory practices enclosed within the artisanal mining sector, by self-organizing and, ultimately, by assuming leading positions within their communities.