Dominique Chadwick

United Kingdom


A background in development has encouraged Dominique Chadwick's passion and commitment to use film and media projects to advocate and bring social change to the most deprived and vulnerable. Over the last 25 years, she has documented a wide range of humanitarian issues in many parts of the world. She also specialised in designing and running participatory film training workshops for groups of women and men, farmers, street vendors, orphans and street children in many countries in Africa and South America.

She organises advocacy screenings followed by forum discussions in the targeted remote communities. She has a long term interest in gender justice so many training workshops have a strong focus on women and children's issues. Two of the women and children's issues project received prestigious awards from the One Wold Media Trust in 2012.

Funded project

The Formidable Queen Mothers of Ghana

Queen Mothers in Ghana have reclaimed and modernized their traditional role, bringing social and economic changes across the country. This story is about women leadership and ingenuity - of a little known, but remarkable institution.