Desirée García



Desirée García is a Spanish journalist working as a correspondent and an editor for EFE’s Sub-Saharan Africa bureau, based in Nairobi, since 2013. With more than ten years of experience working mostly in the leading Spanish news agency, she is a multimedia journalist with a focus in politics. She has covered historic recent events in the region, like the Westgate mall attack in Kenya, Nelson Mandela’s death and funeral in South Africa or Pope Francis first visit to Africa.

Graduated in journalism, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Politics and Democracy and has researched on the role of the new online media on revolutionary processes like the Arab Spring.

Desirée reports mostly on conflict an development and is interested in the dynamics of democratic transitions.

Funded project

Poisoned Lives

This project explores the unknown lead poisoning caused by car battery recycling plants in African communities.