Dave van Opdorp

the Netherlands


Next to a training in management, Dave van Opdorp (33, the Netherlands) studied Journalism at the Fontys University of Applied Science. During his study he worked as a freelancer at a local newspaper and produced several corporate movies and commercials. He completed a documentary called Two worlds, one passion on a group of kids in a deprived neighborhood of Tilburg (the Netherlands) and in a townships in Durban (South Africa). Both groups worked together on a play, discovering the similarities and differences in poverty in two completely different worlds. Subsequently he worked for a regional news network as reporter, voice-over and anchor. Today, Dave and two associates possess an audiovisual production company. Dave grasps the world in a positive way: "Problems are no stop signs, problems are guidelines."

Funded project

Ndirande Slum – Engines Behind the Development Goals

Slums, as many Westerners think, are a huge obstacle to development. This project challenges this idea, showing that slums can be an engine for poverty eradication.