Daniele Grasso



Daniele Grasso is an Italian journalist based in Madrid. For two years he worked as a freelancer for different media organisations. Since late 2013, he has worked at El Confidencial, where he launched and now coordinates the first data journalism unit ever created in a Spanish media organisation. He took part in the cross-border data journalism projects Generation E and The Migrants Files, of which the latter was awarded with the Data Journalism Award.

Funded projects

European Cash Flows in Kenya

Kenya's GDP is rising, due in part to investments of the EU, the second largest trading partner with Kenya after China. This story investigates how these investments exacerbate economic inequalities and resource exploitation.

The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America

The six-month data-driven and cross-border enquiry "The Water Fund: Spain Supplies Latin America" analyses the biggest cooperation programme in Spain, which was created in 2007 to improve water supply in 19 Latin American countries.