Daniel Archer



Empathetic Media is led by graphic journalist Dan Archer, one of the pioneers in Virtual Reality journalism. Archer is a 2016 Tow Fellow at Columbia Journalism School and conducted similar interactive visual journalism experiments as a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute (2014) and Stanford University (2011), where he also taught non-fiction graphic novel writing 2008-14. His work has been published by the Washington Post, BBC, CBC, Vice magazine, Fusion, San Francisco Public Press, American Public Media, Truthout and PBS among others and was featured in the BBC’s 2015 Future of News Report. Empathetic's augmented reality app, ARc, is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores, and the company is working on a fully computer-generated mobile VR experience on the Colombian Peace Process among other projects.

Funded project

Life in Gawair

The project explores the life in Gawair slum, using a combination of virtual reality and graphic journalism to share the perspectives of its inhabitants.