Cynthia Boll

the Netherlands


Creating an unique compelling visual story, combining documentary photography with new technologies and forms of communication, Cynthia Boll’s stories are shown from the perspective of ordinary people. Her style of storytelling is characterised by images taken up close. The documented person is seemingly unaware of her presence – giving the audience the experience of being there in person. The visuals are built up by multiple layers, revealing the story of the characters not completely visible at first glance.

Throughout her career, Cynthia Boll’s work has developed into a layered narrative style. The central theme of her body of work is the influence of political, economic and environmental factors on humans.

In her view new developments in photojournalism and the ever-changing media offer challenges and new opportunities: to tell a story in a new innovative way focusing on participation and involvement.

The People Behind the Seawall is part of an ongoing multimedia project documenting people in their daily resilience to flooding in major metropolitan areas. "Half of the Netherlands lies below sea level," she says."Living in a dike house myself, I realise every day that my life would be at risk without the precautions and measures that the Dutch have taken against water. In Jakarta, however, the threat of water is part of everyday life."

Cynthia Boll has worked for various news agencies such as Associated Press, ANP and GPD. Her work is represented by Hollandse Hoogte and published in numerous online and offline media: National Geographic Magazine, Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Time Magazine, BBC News, New African Magazine, de Volkskrant, NRC, OneWorld and Marie Claire.

Funded project

The People Behind the Seawall

Land subsidence and climate change are not abstract concepts. This story shows how the lives of four citizens and their families are affected by floods, heavy rainfall, water pollution, the lack of clean water and proper sanitation.