Caterina Clerici



Caterina Clerici is an Italian freelance multimedia journalist, currently based in NY. A Columbia Journalism School alumna, with a background in international politics and development studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, she regularly contributes to Italian as well as international publications, including The Guardian US, Repubblica and La Stampa. She also works as a freelance photo editor at TIME.

Funded projects

Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti?

Five years after the earthquake, the Martelly-administration is set to make Haiti the Next Big Thing in Caribbean tourism. Can this be the path to sustainable development and finally ‘save’ Haiti?

The African Energy Project

The African Energy Project explores issues of energy inefficiency in West Africa and homegrown innovations in alternative energy that could set an example for the rest of the planet.


​Since the end of the genocide, Rwanda has become Africa's gender equality success story for high female representation in politics, education and the workplace. What does empowerment actually mean to its new generation of women?