Brian Mutebi



Brian Mutebi is an award-winning journalist and women’s rights campaigner featuring on the Women Deliver global list of “15 journalists, 15 voices for girls and women” for his extensive writing and advocacy for girls’ and women’s health and rights. He is a contributor to Global Health Now and Arise Magazine, a women’s development magazine published in Uganda.

Previously Mutebi was Features Writer at the Daily Monitor, the New Vision newspapers and contributor to Focus Magazine, a publication of Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Programme.

Mutebi is the Founder and Executive Director of the charity, Education & Development Opportunity – Uganda (EDOU) and the architect of the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund, the first scholarship scheme in Africa for survivors of Gender Based Violence and teenage mothers. Mutebi was (2016) featured on Uganda’s “Top 40 Men Under 40” and named Commonwealth Young Achiever (2015) by the Commonwealth Youth Council UK for his endearing efforts in advancing the education and health rights of girls and women in Uganda.

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