Benoît Cros



A freelance journalist since 2011, Benoît Cros started his carreer in South East Asia where he reported on political and social issues for French and Spanish media. He then was one of the founders of Periodisme Plural Foundation, a non-profit organisation supporting independent journalism in Barcelona that edits online media such as and El Diari de l'Educació. He has recently changed his focus on Africa, where he's interested in the continent's own way to green revolution.

Funded projects

When aid comes from the South

“When aid comes from the South” explores the South-South cooperation, its way of functioning, its concrete realizations and its potential to reshape the global partnership on development.

Africa Goes Green

This project will show how innovation and creativity are key to the rise of renewable energies in Africa thanks to new ways of financing that do not depend exclusively on philanthropy.

Schools For Profit

Schools for profit investigates on the business of “low-fee” schools in Africa and its impacts on the right to education.