Ashley Kirk

United Kingdom


Ashley Kirk is a data journalist at The Telegraph and a visiting lecturer at City University of London. He is interested in using open data, freedom of information and multiple digital platforms to tell global stories. Data visualisation can also become an important part of this, and he is keen to work on new ways to improve narratives blending statistical findings, human stories and graphical representations.

Ashley has written on a variety of topics, from the rise in stress-related leave among UK NHS nurses, to American mass shootings, from EU referendum fact checks, to Africa's demographic shifts. This has been for several publications, including The Telegraph, The Guardian and City AM.

Funded project

The World’s Penicillin Problem

This project will investigate a long worldwide shortage of penicillin, specifically the injectable form of the antibiotic Benzathine Penicillin G, looking at the causes & consequences for those who need this life-saving medication.