Angelo Attanasio



Angelo Attanasio is a freelance journalist, videomaker and multimedia producer based in Barcelona. He is a correspondent from Spain. He works on conflicts, society, politics and culture in the EU, the Balkans, Africa and the Mediterranean countries for European (El Periódico de Catalunya, La Repubblica, L'Espresso, Mo* Magazine) and Latin American newspapers and magazines (Folha de Sao Paulo, La Nación, El Observador).

He published an e-book about Catalan nationalism (La questione catalana. Independència?), and he is carring out a photo exhibition and a book about divided cities in Europe, with photographer Marco Ansaloni. Some of his multimedia projects, developed in collaboration with Jeronimo Giorgi, have been awarded by relevant Spanish and European organizations (Tecnalia Journalistic Award in Innovation; Honor Mention by "Premio de Periodismo Ortega y Gasset" de El País; Longlisted by ONA Digital Awards and by Lorenzo Natali European Media Prize).

Funded projects

Breaking the Digital Wall

​The lack of access to technology is an obstacle to development. This story looks at initiatives in India, Uruguay and Egypt that aim to narrow the digital divide, in this way democratising access to the digital world.

Connecting Africa

This print and scrollytelling project shows how a new generation of Africans are boosting new strategies to democratise the access to technology, in this way improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the continent.

Beyond the Paradise

Beyond the Paradise is a newsgame that explains the effects of mass tourism in three tropical paradises (Thailand, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic)