Alice McCool

United Kingdom


Alice is a freelance journalist covering society, politics and the arts. Her reporting - mainly out of Sub Saharan Africa - has been published in outlets such as CNN, The Guardian and Al Jazeera. She was one of VICE Magazine's 'Employees of the Month' in March 2017, and was awarded the One World Media Production Fund in 2016. Before journalism, Alice spent nearly four years working in communications and campaigns for anti-corruption group Transparency International.

Funded projects

Big Men

Big Men tells ​the stories of East Africa's unlikely feminists: men in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya who are redefining masculinity and/or fighting for female empowerment.

Bolly Lolly Dhally

This project explores women’s opportunities and struggles in the South Asian film industries: innovating opportunities, demanding good working conditions, calling out sexual abuse, and changing perceptions through plot lines.