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Name Job title Projects Country
1 Italy
Deputy editor 1 Switzerland
Freelance Investigative Journalist 1 Nepal
Xavier Aldekoa Picture
Xavier Aldekoa
La Vanguardia
Journalist 1 Spain
Peter Alestig Blomqvist Picture
Peter Alestig Blomqvist
Svenska Dagbladet
Journalist 1 Sweden
Cecilia Anesi Picture
Cecilia Anesi
Investigative reporter 2 Italy
Eliza Anyangwe Picture
Eliza Anyangwe
Channel 4
Laura Aragó Navarro Picture
Laura Aragó Navarro
La Vanguardia
Data Journalist 1 Spain
Multi -Comics/VR/AR- media Journalist 1 USA
Graphic designer 1 Spain
Toni Arnau Picture
Toni Arnau
La Stampa
Photographer 1 Spain
Journalist and researcher 1 Sweden and South Africa
Angelo Attanasio Picture
Angelo Attanasio
El Periódico de Cat.
Journalist, Multimedia producer 3 Spain
Illustrator 1 Uganda
Journalist 1 Italy
Viola Bachini Picture
Viola Bachini
Freelance journalist and web-documentarist 1 Italy
Franziska Badenschier Picture
Franziska Badenschier
Science journalist 1 Germany
Lorenzo Bagnoli Picture
Lorenzo Bagnoli
Journalist 2 Italy
Stephanie Bakker Picture
Stephanie Bakker
de Volkskrant
Journalist 2 the Netherlands
Maeva Bambuck Picture
Maeva Bambuck
The Guardian
Journalist 1 Lebanon
Joan Bardeletti Picture
Joan Bardeletti
Le Monde
Photographer 2 France
Documentary director 1 Pakistan
Massimo Bassan Picture
Massimo Bassan
Music composer 1 Italy
Journalist 1 France
Marco Bello Picture
Marco Bello
The Guardian
Journalist, photographer 1 Italy

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