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Development reporting: 2015 will be the year of impact!

The year 2014 has been extremely successful for the IDR grant Programme, with 25 new grantees, publications in the most prominent media outlets of Europe, an Online Journalism Award and plenty of innovative projects covering global development issues in a different way.

In 2015, we want to keep the same level of quality and innovative reporting, and put the emphasis on the impact of our projects. Impact on readers, impact on society, impact on the media outlets themselves: the stories we support will change the way people look at developing countries!

This will be a progressive process, which will start next week in Maastricht during our first boot camp: the twelve winners of our fourth round of the Innovation in Development Reporting (IDR) Grant Programme will come together on 4-5 December in our hometown Maastricht. The two-day event will focus on impact strategies and how to achieve real world public impacts.

Grantees will participate in story building exercises with trainers and discuss how to choose the right digital tools and techniques for their stories in order to reach the desired audiences.

This effort will continue in 2015 and 2016, as we are delighted to announce that the grant programme will continue for two more years, thanks to additional funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! This means 4 more rounds of grants, a new website, community and impact measurement tools to be implemented in 2015, new application criteria, and all of this focusing on development reporting, innovative storytelling and impact on society and media.

So get ready to pitch us your stories and break the stereotypes behind development narrative in the next round. The deadline for submission is 25 February 2015 and journalists from nine European countries are eligible to apply for an average grant of 15.000-20.000 Euros.

Stay tuned to apply as soon as we open the call for applications!

The grant programme rewards quality journalism that aims to advance a new and distinctive agenda for development coverage. For a showcase of awarded grants, see our portofolio. For any questions, contact us at [email protected]

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