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Zoomin.TV is the first online video news network in Europe, generating more than 171 million unique visitors per month. Zoomin.TV is based in Amsterdam and it has offices in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Milan, London, Toronto, New York, Miami, Montevideo and São Paulo. Zoomin.TV publishes around 200 news videos daily in ten languages on more than 1500 channel sites across 11 countries and it continues to expand its operations in Europe and beyond. Zoom.in produces much of its own content and receives content of over 120 content providers world wide. The news categories of Zoom.in are domestic and local, international, sports, boulevard, film & music, games, finance, car, racing, crime, women, gadgets, fashion and more.

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Toilet for All

Over 2.8 billion people in the world lack access to proper sanitation, putting human security in jeopardy. This project highlights the impact of this human development failure in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo.