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Trouw is a Dutch daily newspaper. It was founded in 1943 as an underground newspaper during World War II. Since 2009, it is owned by De Persgroep. It received the European Newspaper Award in 2012. Trouw focuses on society and life, with an emphasis on the ethical issues in life. It targets the socially and ethically aware with frequent editorial on philosophy, sustainability, culture and media.

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Funded projects

The Price of Basmati

Consumers who want to know about the origin of their basmati rice, can read about the lush, green foothills of the Himalayas depicted on product packaging. But the reality appears far less appealing.

Ndirande Slum – Engines Behind the Development Goals

Slums, as many Westerners think, are a huge obstacle to development. This project challenges this idea, showing that slums can be an engine for poverty eradication.