The Ecologist

United Kingdom


The Ecologist is one of the world’s leading environmental affairs magazines. It was first launched in 1970 and the magazine quickly became a platform for those who would go on to be the leading lights of the environmental movement. The Ecologist shot to fame in 1972 for devoting an entire issue to its Blueprint for Survival, a radical manifesto for change that proposed, amongst other reforms, the formation of a movement for survival. This led to the creation of the People Party, later renamed the Ecology Party and finally the Green Party. During the last ten years, the Ecologist has continued to highlight the contradictions of economic globalisation, the health effects of everyday toxins, and the huge environmental cost of industrial agriculture. Its continued coverage has pushed many of these issues into the political mainstream. To reach a wider, global audience, the magazine relaunched online in 2009. It continues to provide a mix of in-depth analysis, environmental news and practical advice that appeals to a growing community of individuals committed to social and environmental change. Remaining true to its roots in ecological ‘systems’ thinking, the Ecologist strives to point out the links between issues as diverse as war, pharmaceuticals, corporate fraud, or the power of mass media. Above all, the Ecologist hopes to encourage its readers to challenge conventional thinking, and tackle global issues at a local level.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Poisoned Lives

This project explores the unknown lead poisoning caused by car battery recycling plants in African communities.

Investigation of Land Grabbing in Africa

This data-driven project deals with land grabbing in Africa from two perspectives: top-down, by data analysis of the overall issue of large-scale​ land acquisitions; and bottom-up, by collecting stories and evidence from main actors.