Politiken was founded in 1884 in Copenhagen. It established its present location in central Copenhagen in 1912. It is one of Denmark's leading newspapers in terms of both circulated copies and number of readers. In 2004 the paper had a circulation of 134,000 copies. The number of copies sold per day in the first half of 2012 was 97,820 on weekdays and Saturdays, and 120,411 on Sundays. Its online newspaper politiken.dk receives around 800,000 monthly users and is the tenth most viewed page among the members of the Association of Danish Interactive Media.

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East African Trucker

This project sheds light on the struggle for and the promise of East African prosperity seen through the eyes of a trucker.

Building Urban Resilience

Through the case studies of Lagos and Dar es Salaam, this investigation looks behind the newly hyped phrase of 'resilience', and focuses on some of the dilemmas in different development strategies that aim to build resilience.