Mediapart is a French online newspaper unique due to his editorial identity and his economic model. It was created in 2008 by Edwy Plenel, among others, with the aim to reinvent the press, offering a hierarchy that favors opinion and investigative contents over entertainment. It is a participatory newspaper and also a paid newspaper, whose independence is guaranteed by its single recipe: the loyalty of its subscribers. Hence, Mediapart does not carry any advertising and it only relies on his around 60,000 subscribers. Mediapart consists of two main sections: the journal itself (Le Journal), ran by professional  journalists, and Le Club, a collaborative forum edited by the subscriber community. In 2011, Mediapart launched FrenchLeaks, a whistleblower website inspired by WikiLeaks.

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Diverted Aid

This multimedia web documentary reports on how a part of European development funds is being spent for programmes aimed at managing migration flows in Africa.