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The Mail&Guardian (M&G) was launched in 1994 as Africa's first online newspaper, and one of the first online newspapers in the world. It continued to provide content that is in-depth and insightful on platforms that are digitally innovative. Chris Roper is the editor-in-chief of the M&G.  The M&G has received numerous accolades and awards for its online work, often scooping the inaugural digital awards in various competitions. The first to win the multi-platform award at the 2013 Sikuvile awards, the website has also won the CNN Multichoice Africa Journalism Award for digital journalism in 2012  and the online multimedia award at the 2012 Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards. Besides winning these firsts, the M&G's website has won three Bookmarks awards in 2010 and 2011, one of which was a gold award for its Nelson Mandela tribute site. It received three Webby Honourable mentions in 2008 for its Thought Leader platform site and in 2001, the site was voted one of the world's top 175 websites by

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

The #130MillionGirls Challenge

This project aims to portray this problem and solutions from different parts of the world, through in-depth journalism, an interactive online platform and a social media campaign.​

Crossing The River

This interactive web documentary follows the struggle for life of four passionate female health professionels in Sub-Saharan Africa, where maternal mortality registers the highest rates in the world.

Task Shifting, An Innovative Approach To Save Lives

This project highlights various initiatives to tackle gender inequality, improve women’s health and reduce maternal mortality in three African countries.

The World’s Penicillin Problem

This project will investigate a long worldwide shortage of penicillin, specifically the injectable form of the antibiotic Benzathine Penicillin G, looking at the causes & consequences for those who need this life-saving medication.


UNCUT is a web-documentary on female genital mutilations (FGM), with a data journalism survey through Africa and Europe. It narrates stories of women in Kenya, Somaliland, Ethiopia, where FGM has been fought hard—and successfully.

The Formidable Queen Mothers of Ghana

Queen Mothers in Ghana have reclaimed and modernized their traditional role, bringing social and economic changes across the country. This story is about women leadership and ingenuity - of a little known, but remarkable institution.

Mafia in Africa: How the Mafia Infiltrates the African Economy

The project investigates, maps, analyses and visualises Italian mafias’ investments and money laundering practices in Africa, and how has this changed precarious African economies and impacted communities.