Little White Lies

United Kingdom


Little White Lies is an internationally distributed movie magazine. It is published by London-based media company TCOLondon, who also publish the DIY culture magazine Huck. The design of each issue is inspired by its feature film, often represented on the cover by an illustration of its lead actor. The cover film also influences interior aspects, such as editorial icons, chapter headings and custom typefaces. However, the overall template of the magazine remains the same. It was called "the best-designed film magazine on the shelf" in The Guardian. Its content is split into three acts: the lead review, a series of feature articles inspired by the cover film, and the reviews section, which also includes interviews with directors and stars of upcoming movies. The magazine uses a three part ranking system. The categories ("'Anticipation", "Enjoyment", and "In Retrospect") are marked out of five and accompanied by explanatory text.

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