LaSexta is the sixth nationwide broadcast television station in Spain. It is privately owned and began broadcasting in 2006. In 2012, laSexta consolidated itself as modern, dynamic channel closely linked to current affairs. This was combined with cinema and foreign fiction. Since the inclusion of the chain in the Atresmedia Group, the entertainments contents were reinforced.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Medicamentalia III - Contraceptives

In-depth investigation to show the differences in access to contraception between countries and how this gap affects women in their everyday lives.

The Enslaved Land

“The Plantation That Consumes Europe” is a data driven and cross-border investigation that explores the hidden sides of the Latin American and African plantations' agricultural model that feeds western countries.

Medicamentalia II - Vaccines

Medicamentalia II focuses on the analysis of development, marketing and delivery of vaccines to explain differences in access to health.

X-ray of Spanish Development Aid

Spain has moved from being the sixth global donor of development aid in 2009 to being the fourteenth in just four years. This story investigates these drastic reductions and reveals the consequences for developing countries.