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La Stampa is one of Italy’s most influential newspapers. It is based in Turin and it was established in 1868 as the Gazetta Piemontese and became an important voice in Italy’s struggle for liberation and unification. The Gazetta was purchased in 1895 by two of its editors, Luigi Roux and Alfred Frassati, who changed the paper’s name to La Stampa. In 2012 it had a circulation of 256,203 copies.

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Funded projects


​Since the end of the genocide, Rwanda has become Africa's gender equality success story for high female representation in politics, education and the workplace. What does empowerment actually mean to its new generation of women?

Missing Food

A data-driven and cross-border investigation about the food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa.


This project investigates the disease management in the banana production and the impact of these diseases on consumers and on farmers in Ecuador and Philippines.

Diverted Aid

This multimedia web documentary reports on how a part of European development funds is being spent for programmes aimed at managing migration flows in Africa.

Watergrabbing - A Story of Water

Watergrabbing explores the lack of water sovereignty and the limitation of access to water. It shows the consequences of these issues and the positive and negative practices.

Beyond the Paradise

Beyond the Paradise is a newsgame that explains the effects of mass tourism in three tropical paradises (Thailand, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic)

The African Energy Project

The African Energy Project explores issues of energy inefficiency in West Africa and homegrown innovations in alternative energy that could set an example for the rest of the planet.


This project will collect data on the corporations that control the global seed market and the impact that they have on farmers and seed producers.

Can Tourism ‘Save’ Haiti?

Five years after the earthquake, the Martelly-administration is set to make Haiti the Next Big Thing in Caribbean tourism. Can this be the path to sustainable development and finally ‘save’ Haiti?


Food4 aims to produce seven stories, a geographic atlas in Italian and English and 2 exhibitions to explore the topic of Food Security and related development projects, in the year of the EXPO2015.

Follow the Money 2

Follow the Money 2 continues the project Follow the Money begun in 2013 by La Stampa, which opened an important debate on how Italian development aid is spent and inaugurated La Stampa’s new Development Cooperation section.

Follow the Money

This project aims to map how Italian Official Development Assistance funds are put at work around the world. The main goal is to show Italian citizens how their money is used and how it impacts the life of others.