La Repubblica



La Repubblica was founded in 1976 and is one of Italy's leading national daily newspapers, first in terms of circulation and readership (daily circulation 349.900 in 2012). Based in Rome, it is the only one that has a balanced circulation in all the regions of the country. The paper has national news contents for all editions, with an additional local edition for nine cities (Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Palermo and Bari). The newspaper is regarded as on the moderate left wing of the political spectrum, although it has never failed to criticise politicians or parties with similar views. La Repubblica is also known for its stand against the Catholic Church, often criticising it, especially on ethical topics and its interference in these issues.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Crossing The River

This interactive web documentary follows the struggle for life of four passionate female health professionels in Sub-Saharan Africa, where maternal mortality registers the highest rates in the world.

Shared Horizons

Shared horizons shows the similar ability of the Mongolian cattle herders communities and the fishermen local groups in Madagascar to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.

Hunger for bees

Hunger for bees is a multimedia comic project about the decrease of the bee population and the possible repercussions on the global food system.

A fistful of shrimps

We explore the consequences of the raise of seafood production on mangrove ecosystems and the preservation solutions proposed by local coastal communities in Indonesia.

A World Without Chocolate?

A world without chocolate is a silent menace for those who depend on their crop and those obsessed with this fruit. New technologies make their way into this field, but will they grant a sustainable future for consumers?

Agritools – Green ICTs in African Lands

Agritools is a journalistic research project that aims to understand the real effects of the use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in the field of agriculture, fisheries and livestock in Africa.

Connecting Africa

This print and scrollytelling project shows how a new generation of Africans are boosting new strategies to democratise the access to technology, in this way improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the continent.

Breaking the Digital Wall

​The lack of access to technology is an obstacle to development. This story looks at initiatives in India, Uruguay and Egypt that aim to narrow the digital divide, in this way democratising access to the digital world.