Krautreporter is the first and only journalism crowdfunding platform for the German-speaking world. Krautreporter is still very young: journalist Sebastian Esser and his team launched in 2013. Their motto is "Discovering and enabling independent journalism."

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Floating Futures

Through strong visuals and immersive experiences this project presents stories of resilience, where farmers adapt to changes and secure food, using floating vegetable gardens.

Shared Horizons

Shared horizons shows the similar ability of the Mongolian cattle herders communities and the fishermen local groups in Madagascar to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests: Measuring a Breakthrough

This project is about the numbers and stories behind rapid diagnostic tests: how much money, time and lives do they save?

Dirty Profits Exposed

An investigation on the palm oil operations of the Belgian multinational Socfin in West Africa where, a few years ago, farmbers have started to rise up and claim their rights to participate in the land deal negotiations