Since its start up in 1964, Inter Press Service (IPS) has believed in the role of information as a precondition for lifting communities out of poverty and marginalisation. Their belief, giving a voice to the voiceless, is what they aim to do by acting as a communication channel that privileges the voices and the concerns of the poorest and creates a climate of understanding, accountability and participation around development. They do this with the strategy of providing news and content, capacity building, and dissemination and networking. With these goals in mind IPS has grown together with and systematically covered civil society, particularly its increasing international impact. IPS has therefore become a relevant actor within the overall development process.

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Investment Arbitration and Development

This project sheds light on the intransparent world of investment protection, by displaying all known investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) cases in a map and showing what some of these cases mean for developing countries.

A World Without Chocolate?

A world without chocolate is a silent menace for those who depend on their crop and those obsessed with this fruit. New technologies make their way into this field, but will they grant a sustainable future for consumers?