Dagbladet Information is based in Copenhagen and was officially founded in 1945. Today is the youngest still-surviving newspaper in Denmark and remains independent of the larger publishing houses. The paper is owned by A/S Information and is published by Aktiengesellschaft A/S Dagbladet Information from Monday to Saturday. In the 1970s Dagbladet Information was one of the alternative media together with Politisk Revy in Denmark and covered all dimensions of new social movements. The newspaper, which despite being politically independent, is regarded as left liberal and leftist by some, but known as being equally critical in its point of view of all political organisations. It prints letters from prominent conservative figures and it usually puts great focus in enlightening both sides of a case. The tone is very serious and the amount of charts and pictures is very limited and comparable to the French newspaper Le Monde. Information has a syndication agreement with the British newspaper the Guardian (London) and often collaborates with The Independent on articles and reports.

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Slum No More

Slum No More describes the clash between local authorities wishing to upgrade an overcrowded slum into a modern neighborhood and the slum dwellers' hope for affordable housing