Fin. Dagblad

the Netherlands


Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) is a daily Dutch newspaper focusing on business and financial matters founded in 1943 and based in Amsterdam. The FD brand has evolved into one of multimedia dimensions, reaching consumers of news by means of print, online products and events throughout the day, seven days a week. The FD is much more than a simple newspaper. It provides a highly select group of business people with all the news that counts, not only through the pages of the newspaper but also by means of a variety of supplements, online products and events. The FD’s core values are reliability, enrichment, and connection. The FD presents all items of news in a positive yet critical fashion, while always looking ahead and staying right on top of events. The FD provides direction and inspiration for the successful enterprise.

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Visualising Development Data

Project Syndicate crafts four commentaries with interactive visualisation of the data that frame today's most urgent issues in fields such as public health, urban development, energy sustainability, and human rights.