eldiario.es is a digital news site which has become a major reference in current affairs for a new generation of Spanish readers. It is a pioneer in high-quality content based on strong editorial values: deliver honest and transparent journalism, the information must be accessible to readers, and the need of being financially independent to not being manipulated to any other corporate. Launched in the middle of the financial crisis with no big investors or corporates backing it - just a bunch of journalists and their savings - eldiario.es has developed a community-based journalism model reaching mainstream audiences. The key to this success is the innovative business model based on a membership program. More than 23.000 people already give financial support to eldiario.es to strengthen our editorial and economic independence. But it is not a paywall: those members do not pay to read the news, they pay for the information to be freely spread and thus gain social impact. They pay to belong to a community of citizens sharing values like equality, democratization, social justice and more importantly, the need for independent journalism. Nowadays, more than 8M unique users per month read eldiario.es and that figure grows every month.eldiario.es is now on the top ten news diaries most read in Spain.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Schools For Profit

Schools for profit investigates on the business of “low-fee” schools in Africa and its impacts on the right to education.

Diverted Aid

This multimedia web documentary reports on how a part of European development funds is being spent for programmes aimed at managing migration flows in Africa.

The Enslaved Land

“The Plantation That Consumes Europe” is a data driven and cross-border investigation that explores the hidden sides of the Latin American and African plantations' agricultural model that feeds western countries.

Beyond the Paradise

Beyond the Paradise is a newsgame that explains the effects of mass tourism in three tropical paradises (Thailand, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic)

Sex Symbols

Unequal access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is one of the major signs of gender inequality around the world. However, even in discrimination conditions, women have led change.

Africa Goes Green

This project will show how innovation and creativity are key to the rise of renewable energies in Africa thanks to new ways of financing that do not depend exclusively on philanthropy.