Der Standard



Der Standard is an Austrian national daily broadsheet newspaper published in Vienna. As of 2002 the paper was one of four quality daily newspapers with nation-wide distribution along with Salzburger Nachrichten, Die Presse, and Wiener Zeitung. Although Der Standard is intended to be a national paper, in the past it had an undeniable tendency to focus on Vienna. This has been mitigated by having editorial offices in other federal states (currently Styria, Upper Austria and Carinthia) and the introduction of regional sections. Der Standard is a paper from which foreign media readily quote when an opinion from the Austrian press is required. It is one of Austria's best-selling quality newspapers and on 18 June 2005 celebrated its 5000th edition. Der Standard is published in accordance with the honour code of the Austrian press (which sets rules on matters such as a transparent division between news and comment and the right to privacy). The paper's general editorial stance could be described as socially liberal and most of its regular columnists also tend to this position, although guest writers come from a wide variety of political positions. As a participant in Project Syndicate. Der Standard also regularly publishes commentary from individuals with an international reputation, whose work has worldwide distribution as part of this project. Der Standard has run its own web portal——since February 1995 and claims this was the first appearance of a German-language newspaper on the web.

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