de Volkskrant

the Netherlands


de Volkskrant is a Dutch daily newspaper. It was founded in 1919 and currently has a circulation of approximately 290,000 nationwide, being the third largest newspaper among Dutch dailies. Its numerous commentators include several illustrious contemporary writers, such as Arnon Grunberg, Remco Campert and Sheila Sitalsing. In 2013, de Volkskrant was awarded the European Newspaper of the Year in the category of nationwide newspapers. Since autumn 2015 de Volkskrant's crossmedia desk has been producing award winning digital stories on a daily basis from the newsroom: video explainers, short documentaries, interactives, data visualizations, quizzes, longreads, podcasts and other forms of digital storytelling. 450,000 people a day visit and its newsletters reach 500,000 people on a daily basis.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

The Axis of Survival - Reviving the Lake Chad Basin

Following food production and trade routes at Lake Chad, this project shows the efforts made by local people to resume trading in fish, cattle and grain, as a way of measuring potential for self-sustaining development.

Future Cities - the revival of the jazz heritage in Addis Ababa

Future Cities is a transmedia project about five exciting emerging urban areas, the people and stories behind the demographic and economic statistics of urban growth.

3D Wastepickers

Waste pickers in Haiti and India sell their collected garbage to private companies who recycle it to filament for 3D printers, thus improving salaries and living conditions for waste pickers.

Well Fed

The story follows two guys who set on a quest to tell a story about GMOs that seldom reaches the general public: genetic modification can provide both harvest security and crops with nutritious value.

Future Cities

Over 70% of the global population will be living in urban areas by 2050. This project explores the next generation of cities: from the upcoming Silicon Valley of Latin America (Medellin) to the next African fashion city (Kinshasa).