Corriere della Sera



Since 1876, Corriere della Sera has been one of the most well-known Italian newspaper for its tradition and its prestige. Today Corriere della Sera follows and analyses social, cultural, political and economic dynamics of the nation with a simple and clear style, its effective but moderate voice and its plain and catchy graphics, without losing its reliability and its objectivity. Every day Corriere meets the information and entertainment needs of qualified readers: it offers not only news, information about politics and society columns directed by the best Italian and international journalists, but also articles dedicated to culture, entertainment and events.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

With bare hands

“With bare hands” is a multimedia and data-driven reporting project that highlights and investigates the impact on the environment and the human costs of shipbreaking in developing countries.


UNCUT is a web-documentary on female genital mutilations (FGM), with a data journalism survey through Africa and Europe. It narrates stories of women in Kenya, Somaliland, Ethiopia, where FGM has been fought hard—and successfully.


Food4 aims to produce seven stories, a geographic atlas in Italian and English and 2 exhibitions to explore the topic of Food Security and related development projects, in the year of the EXPO2015.

Investigation of Land Grabbing in Africa

This data-driven project deals with land grabbing in Africa from two perspectives: top-down, by data analysis of the overall issue of large-scale​ land acquisitions; and bottom-up, by collecting stories and evidence from main actors.