Channel 4

United Kingdom


Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster that began transmission on 2 November 1982. Channel 4 creates innovative and alternative content and is a world-leader in bringing diversity into the mainstream.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Not Yet Satisfied

A multimedia reporting project that casts a spotlight on pioneering women in Accra and Johannesburg who are pushing back against bad policy and patriarchy, demanding bodily autonomy, and creating safe spaces to discuss female pleasure.

Floating Futures

Through strong visuals and immersive experiences this project presents stories of resilience, where farmers adapt to changes and secure food, using floating vegetable gardens.

My Stolen Childhood

This is a documentary following one woman's journey to investigate trokosi, a traditional practice in Togo and Ghana that forces women and girls into ritual servitude.

Sewing Societies

Through the stories of female garment industry workers in Bangladesh, this project looks into the fundamental role these women play in the economic and social stability of the country.

After Ebola

After Ebola connects with citizen reporters to build a comprehensive picture of the aftermath of the virus. Their stories give a window on to how fragile communities are coping with - and beginning to recover from - a brutal epidemic.