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BBC online service includes BBC News, Sport, Weather, CBBC, iPlayer and iPlayer Radio. BBC Online brings together our broad portfolio of websites including BBC News, Sport and Weather, our children’s sites CBBC and CBeebies, knowledge and learning as well as access to radio and TV programmes on-demand through BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Radio. Each website is available via a variety of internet-connected devices including tablets, smartphones and connected TVs – as well as computers. BBC Online is also the place where everyone can access our vast archive of radio and television programmes, which are being made available digitally and curated through iPlayer.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects


This project explores how the opportunities arising from female-driven efforts in civil society, policy, and science are bringing about progress to reduce maternal mortality in three countries.


This project shows how West African women and doctors are determined to shatter taboos around infertility, offering women opportunities for treatment and support.

More than Chicken Sh*t

Phosphorus is essential for food production, but the global supplies are dwindling and the prices are rising. This project investigates the innovative solutions developed in Malawi to tap into its own local phosphorus resources.

A Girls' Game

“It's a boys' game.” But what happens when a girl feels passionate about football? Three unique stories illustrate the challenges women footballers face.