• Visualising Development Data

    A new series of data-enhanced commentaries devoted exclusively to development

In a new series of data-enhanced commentaries devoted exclusively to development, Project Syndicate crafts four commentaries with interactive visualisation of the data that frame today's most urgent issues in fields such as public health, urban development, energy sustainability, and human rights. Because each commentary examines issues in development from a different angle, they provide a more comprehensive examination of today's complex development agenda.

Project Syndicate uses data journalism as a means to examine more deeply the issues that its commentaries address. In order to ensure that data visualisation complements and enhances the associated commentaries, Project Syndicate works with selected authors throughout the writing/editing process on data collection and presentation.

A wide variety of data visualisations already is available elsewhere. With its ability to tap an unrivaled array of global thinkers, Project Syndicate is in a unique position to combine trenchant commentaries with compelling graphic visualisations, developed by mining open-source data providers and professional databases, thereby enabling readers to gain a more contextualised understanding of the issues under discussion.

Project Syndicate collaborates on this project with its longstanding partners—Les Echos in France and Het Financieele Dagblad in the Netherlands—to provide data-rich commentaries in various European languages. In addition, Project Syndicate's large network of member newspapers throughout the developing world ensures that the content reaches the widest possible audience.

Embed codes will be provided for all data visualisations, in order to enable Project Syndicate's member publications to upload and display them seamlessly across a variety of platforms, such as tablets and mobile phones. For print partners, static digital images are provided. By making it as easy as possible to display the visualisations alongside its commentaries, Project Syndicate ensures a significant print and digital echo. With a global network of media partners, and more than 70,000 Facebook fans and almost 50,000 Twitter followers, Project Syndicate facilitates much-needed global discussion of today's most pressing development issues.

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Project information

  • Locations
    Prague - Czech Republic
  • Duration
    5 months
  • Release date
    November 2013
  • Budget
    € 18500
  • Round