Meet the people involved

Meet the people involved - Meet our great journalism community of grantees and their teams

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  • Raúl Diaz Poblete (Spain, 1983) holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineer and a Master in Digital Arts, by the Pompeu Fabra University. His career started in Barcelona, where he worked for different design studies such as Pulpolab, THD/Coated and Welovecode. He has worked as freelance web...
  • Journalist specialized foreign affairs and international news. After working in Italy collaborating with various news outlets, in 2008 she moved to Spain, where she worked at the daily newspaper El País till 2015. Between 2015 and 2016 she worked as a reporter for El Español. She teaches writing...
  • Africa correspondent. Gemma is the longest-serving Spanish foreign correspondent in Africa, having spent a decade covering the continent for national and international media. She does long missions & slow traveling.She's been covering the more remarkable and historic events and wars over the...
  • Marcella Pasotti is an Italian development worker with expertise in communication and research currently based in Senegal. While working in international development, she also trained in photography and video-making. She has worked in Burundi, Rwanda and Senegal both for the NGO sector and a...
  • I am journalist, photographer and writer. I report on environmental and social issues since more than a decade. My expertise is on reporting from the field. I have been reporting on deforestation in Norway, oil prospecting vs. biodiversity conservation in the Amazon, mining and social conflicts in...
  • Genciano Pedriel Jare is a sound technician and works as professor in the Universidad Autónoma del Beni university.
  • Monica Pelliccia is an Italian freelance journalist, videomaker and photographer based in Barcelona. She worked as a video reporter for Europocket TV Italy and published multimedia report about social, international and gender topics for El Periódico de Catalunya, Al Jazeera English, La Repubblica...
  • Jordi Pérez Colomé (Barcelona, 1976) is a journalist. He has written six books and is the director of Spanish magazine El Ciervo. In 2012, he won the the José Manuel Porquet Digital Journalism Award.
  • Ernest Phiri (Malawi, 21) studies Accountancy at Malawi College of Accountants, but has the passion to become a media consultant. From a young age onwards, he has been into taking pictures and shooting videos. At Code Tech Group, Ernest works as a producer of video graphics. He has produced videos...
  • Mario Poeta is a freelance videomaker and photographer. After having spent four years as a cameraman, working at the most important Italian television stations, he begins to work in the international broadcasting news scene in 2010, collaborating with networks such as Aljazeera, NBC, CBS, BBC,...
  • Edu Ponces is a photographer from Barcelona. He is part of the Ruido photo collective, which uses photography to stir debates in the social domain. He spent most of his professional career in Latin America. He was the Chief Photographer at El Faro in El Salvador, but has also worked for...
  • Xurris & CO is a design company with a foundation in the arts. Its “& CO.” brings professionals from various fields together to be able to offer you integrated service. We are looking for you, an extraordinary client, who looks for sexy designs with happy endings. We are...
  • Riccardo Pravettoni was born in Milan 30-something-years ago. A geographer by education, a cartographer by experience and a photographer by passion, he has been working in Italy, France, Spain and Norway, making maps on a broad range of environmental and geo-political subjects traveling here and...
  • Sara Prestianni, born in Fano in 1979, is a photographer and a specialist in international migration policies. In both fields, she focused on migrations in the Mediterranean space, through ground missions at the internal and external borders of this area : Lampedusa, Greece, Canaries, Mali, Morocco,...